Thursday, July 26, 2012

As if on cue, one of the two water heaters in our mechanical room exploded and started gushing water everywhere last night.  I had said to Jeff 2 or 3 days ago that there was something bad going on with the water because it smelled so mineral-y and that I wouldn't dare wash my newly colored hair in it.  He said he checked it and that it was fine.

As with any explosion, there are warning signs---usually. The problem is that they often come in a nondescript package and don't point to any one potential hazard.  Is it the softener? Is it the water supply?  Is it the water heater (in this case, yes, yes it was, to quote Phineas)? If so, what course of action should I take when there is just one little symptom showing?  Trying to get ahead of events rather than letting them unfold is a no-win proposition.  There's no end to it.  Shit just happens.  And you gotta deal with it.

Here's to a day filled with no more mechanical problems.

But would it really surprise me?

ps. The plumber just arrived and promptly hauled out a new water heater.  While walking through the backyard toward the basement door, he stepped right in a huge pile of very fresh dog poop.  Then tracked it all over the newly sealed driveway where everybody is walking today.  To all of you renters out there: keep on renting.

God is hysterical.

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  1. Oh Molly, I feel your pain. While Rafe was in Texas, at 7pm, my tub overflowed and flooded my basement. I did what any sensible 34 year old woman would do: Called my mom and begged her come help me. Keep keepin' on, sister...