Monday, May 7, 2012

I need to clarify a few things on today's post.  First of all, I love my parents' housekeeper who is still with them and still from West Virginia.  I loved the way she talks, I love her life history, her stories and her whole vibe. She introduced me to a group of friends 10 years ago who are all still my friends who then introduced me to more friends, etc., etc.  

In no way was that post a bust on anybody--except me.  I hope that was clear.  West Virginia is probably the birthplace of one of my favorite things on the planet: bluegrass music.  Kentucky stole it.  The Tennessee polished it up, packaged it and started selling it.   I'll bust on Tennessee and Kentucky all damn day long because they can take it.  West Virginia, however, is OFF LIMITS. 

Peace, love and Donny Osmond, everybody.

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